Blog bait. Are you doing it right?

blog-684748_960_720Well, honestly, I can’t say blogs or blogging has ever been a big part of my social media life. I’ve mostly been part of the Social Media = Facebook crowd. Ridiculous I know, especially now that I’m studying social media it in all its wonderful glory.

I’ve already discovered that social media is absolutely everywhere, so now I’m turning all my attention to blogs. It only hit me last week when attempting to write my first blog post that all the way through my university journey I’ve actually been reading blogs for information, and just never actually paid attention to the fact that they were indeed blogs.

So now that we’ve established that you probably know more about blogs than I do, lets learn about them and try to figure out if we are all doing it right.


Blogs, blogging, blogger, web log…?

Surprisingly, blogs have actually been around for quite some time. They were introduced in the 1990’s as online journals, and evolved over time to the blogs we see today. Blogs are still very much online journals, the big difference being the technology that has grown over the past 20-30 years allowing for all the additional functions and features we see today on sites like Blogger, Tumblr, Woodpress and so on.

social-media-1795578_960_720If you look into it, its actually amazing just how many people write blogs. According to Web 2.0 and Social Media  between  Blogger, Tumblr and Woodpress as of 2015 they had over 266 million users.


That’s over 2 thirds of the USA population according to Worldometers, and that, my blogging friends, is a phenomenal amount of people.


But its not just your everyday people that write blogs,

Businesses have also jumped on the bandwagon as its become more and more popular over the years. Blogging is a very successful way of connecting with customers, promoting products and creating brand awareness cheaply and effectively, but are they doing it right?

cms-265127_960_720For businesses, creating a blog is like opening a direct portal to your customers. You can post immediate news updates as and when they happen or entries about upcoming products, developments, new features or company wide issues. In short, anything that tempts the customer to read further should be posted on a blog. Its also a great way to create web traffic, the more blog posts you create, the more chance you have of people stumbling across your brand, which ultimately leads to new customers and email subscribers.

Another perk for businesses is the control over the flow of communication with customers. The ability to approve comments or remove them altogether is very handy, especially when a  potentially disgruntled customer is trying to ruin your hard earned reputation.

Read more about how to be a successful business blogger here.

It really is very clever, but the world of blogging for businesses isn’t always this easy.

Bad Blogging Practices

According to Tigerlily, inconsistency, boring topics and a badly maintained blog can have the complete opposite affect on your customers and be more damaging than good for a businesses reputation.

So, if you are thinking about starting up a blog for your business, remember, you need to go all in, or consider leaving it well alone.


Images have been obtained from Pixabay, and are free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.


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