Smart people use social media

transparent-2057672_960_720Social media is everywhere, you can’t escape it, and to be honest, why would you want to?

We use it for everything from messaging, advertising, reviews, even virtual worlds, its uses are endless! Most people with an internet connection likely use some sort of social media, be it for business or pleasure, or both.

But what you’re really interested in, is why it’s smart?

We are so obsessed with the need for connection social media has implanted within our minds that we hardly even notice the influence it has on us. It has the ability to persuade us to click a link or share a little too much information, without as much as a second thought.

We get so caught up looking at photos, posting about the weekends adventures or watching ridiculous cat videos that we don’t even notice businesses slipping into our everyday news-feed, gathering our information, learning how we feel about them and ultimately, helping them make better business decisions.

Social media has to be one of the most incredible marketing tools available – it’s generally free, easily accessible and just happens to have an unbelievable reach.

Now you think about it, it really is everywhere, right?

facebook-box-1334045_960_720How many times have you followed a brand on Twitter, or ‘liked’ and shared a post on Facebook to win a holiday or watched a random video on your news feed that turns out to be all about home loans? These posts are all smart ways of getting you to invest in the brands by utilizing social media.

Basically, once you’ve clicked the link or shared the page you’ve successfully advertised the brand! And the reach, well, it’s endless. Your Facebook network can see what you’ve just liked and shared, I wonder how many of them would like a holiday in Fiji? Just one more click? That’s a whole new network of people. How far do you think it can stretch?

Facebook Business has everything from generating leads to boosting sales.

Do you ever check online for reviews or discussion forums when getting ready to purchase something expensive to make sure it’s legit? I sure do, and that’s exactly why.

Recommendations and star ratings can go a long way in helping businesses gain a customer’s trust or receive valuable feedback. Businesses can promote their products or services via social media, and customers will naturally share their experiences online aiding the business in creating brand awareness.

Check out Neighbourly to find out what businesses are up to in your area.


Businesses using social media involve themselves in so many elements of social media that even the smallest search will uncover mounds of information about the brand, and as a bonus, every click you make, every search you do helps direct others and increase website popularity by increasing the search ranking.

For businesses, social media is an incredibly smart way of marketing. By using social media we are helping businesses to build relationships with us, we are showing our support to their brands and giving them valuable insights into what the people really want. In return, they are providing us with exactly what we want to know readily at our fingertips.

So that’s it, smart businesses use social media. It’s cheap, effective and absolutely everywhere.



Images have been obtained from Pixabay, and are free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.


One thought on “Smart people use social media

  1. Hi Harriet – I enjoyed reading this blog post, there was a lot of information – but it was structured in such a way that it made for an easy read. I too also find it interesting how beneficial social media and networking can be to businesses. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

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